Thoughts while watching the Sunday morning talking heads.

Donna Brazile (I can’t recall on which show) made a point to keep in mind this morning as we move into a week where, I predict, the media will suddenly discover that the fact that Barack Obama is a black man might not set too well with some white folks: “I’ve worked for a lot of white Democratic candidates and they all had problems with those same people.”

Howie Kurtz, what with being married to GOP operative and all, is always someone you need to pay careful attention to in order to make sure he’s not subtly spinning the news. On this morning’s Reliable Sources, however, no such attention was required. He was working very hard to do the equivalency thing and support the hapless arguments of Michael Medved, a bad movie critic who has morphed himself into a terrible right wing radio chatterer. I have never seen him be so overt.

On ABC’s This Week, pretty much everybody in the room except Sam Donaldson (who had the look of a man a-scared that the meltdown was gonna cost him the price of a new toupee) was cautious about the buyout plan and thought there ought to be some safeguards. Plus there were two miracles: 1) Cokie (Clueless) Roberts was actually a part of those with such concerns; 2) George Will was all over Johnny Mac, admitted that (a bit of a paraphrase) “John McCain showed us his true self this week…and that made some of us very nervous.”

Meet the Press had on NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg. So I didn’t watch. I’m sure he was very even-handed and calm and still wondering why he didn’t get into the GOP presidential sweepstakes.


4 Replies to “Thoughts while watching the Sunday morning talking heads.”

  1. Donna Basile made that comment in paragraph one during her appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulis (sp?). Lots of slams on there for McCain and I think the concern about his age was intentionally muted even after the subject was raised by Donaldson. I do worry though that should Obama lose the election, it will ultimately be determined that the main reasons were race and also the rampant rumor mongering about whether he is a muslim or not.

  2. Interesting. I had not seen most of that info. I do feel somewhat more assured but the proof will be in the pudding. Of course, the main thing is to make sure that McCain does NOT win.

  3. Frankly and most personally disturbing is that I don’t like either of the candidates nor their running mates for sundried reasons that are grounded in some way, shape or form:
    – continuance of the current Republican platform
    – lack of a coherent, alternative Democratic platform
    – increasing personal distrust of all things political
    – abhorrence of the current financial bailout in the face of unprecedentted profits and profit taking
    I am most concerned not for me but for my children and grandchildren for they will be the generation(s) that will shoulder the ultimiate ramifications of this potentially disastrous choice
    It’s no wonder that we’re the laughingstock of the western world

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