The truth, from an unlikely source.

From, of all places, Wonkette, where common sense does not often hold sway:

Neither of these candidates, really, has acknowledged the depth of what we’re facing. It’s evident in the way they’ve ignored, or brushed aside, the most important question that they cannot answer: Where the hell is this country going, or what are we aiming for anymore? We don’t make things anymore; our post-industrial economy allows people to either purchase a commoditized college degree and make vast sums of money pushing paper around haplessly or work at Wal-Mart, or McDonald’s. Average real household incomes stopped growing 30-some years ago, and yet we still look at GDP growth as the prime indicator of economic wellness. In good times, everyone buys the new robot from Apple; in bad times, people find that that robot has somehow landed them in $30k of consumer debt which they can’t pay off, and worse yet, they stopped playing with the fucking robot a week after buying it. And also, oh shit, all of those robots were made in China in one of its robust, expansive 3-year-old metropolises.

Sometimes, when we’re bored, we comically invade countries.

How could this be? Well, the brief moment of rational thought came after the reading of a Peggy Noonan column, which might in itself shock those exposed to it into a brief state of perspicaciousness.


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