Fun times with the putative “Palin and McCain Administration.”

There’s a video here with Steven Benen‘s post in which the woman Tbogg calls “Caribou Barbi” lets slip what she’s really thinking and we learn how well Johnny Mac is at holding the crowd after the opening act.

Let’s put it this way: if he gets elected, he should hire a food-taster first thing.

More from Benen in other posts:

“The fundamental difference between McCain and his predecessors — most candidates stop repeating lies after they’ve been exposed as lies.”

“It’s surprising how often the McCain campaign operates under the assumption that voters are idiots.”

Here’s Glenn Greenwald on the news that the “First Dude” isn’t going to testify in TrooperGate (and neither is anybody else if the McCain camp can stop them):

But now, with the heavy involvement of the McCain campaign, Gov. Palin has embraced core GOP “principles” — political officials can unilaterally exempt themselves from the rule of law and the people, through their elected representatives in the legislature, are powerless to learn what their political leaders have done. That, of course, has been the guiding principle of the Bush administration — as one Bush official after the next has simply refused to comply with Congressional subpoenas as part of investigations into serious allegations of lawbreaking and other wrongdoing — and the McCain campaign and the Palins are leaving no doubt that they are full-fledged believers in these corrupt and lawless prerogatives.

Be sure to click on that “First Dude” link; it’s hilarious (although most people seem unable to force themselves to watch in all the way through).

I can’t remember where I got this, sorry, but keep it in mind as the latest McCain adverts roll out:

The big narrative the McCain campaign is now trying to drive, as evinced by a speech this morning, is that now-bailed-out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac caused the crisis while Obama stood by and McCain proposed reform. Unfortunately, that narrative is false. Those two institution held no sub-prime mortgages (although they held some better-than-subprime-but-still-not-very-good loans) until the Bush administration and Congress had them start buying subprime in late 2007/early 2008 in an attempt to stem the crisis.

And with that, let’s circle back to where we began:

“The fundamental difference between McCain and his predecessors — most candidates stop repeating lies after they’ve been exposed as lies.”


2 Replies to “Fun times with the putative “Palin and McCain Administration.”

  1. This, also from the Glen Greenwald blog posting, is even more important, I think, and straight to the point of disrespect for the rule of law that has become common among the Republicans and the administration is particular:

    “””It ought to be striking to read an article that reports this:

    (a) X is illegal under the law, punishable with fines and prison;

    (b) Political official P just announced that s/he will do X;

    (c) The reason is that P knows there will be no consequences for X.

    That’s the elimination of the rule of law and core democratic processes expressed in elementary logical terms, and that’s what the AP just reported yesterday about the Palins’ refusal to comply with subpoenas, and what media outlets have been reporting for years about what Bush officials have done. But it’s not striking. It’s now the standard way our lawless government functions. “”

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