Another good sign.

One of the thoughts that lurked in the back of my mind even as I succumbed somewhat to the depression that was sweeping through the ranks of Obama supporters during (brief, as it turns out) Palin Mania, was that “these guys know what they’re doing and will have an answer.”

These comments by a reader at Josh Marshall’s Talking Points Memo are an example of that broad-based plan that the Obama Campaign has held to and is implementing brilliantly while taking a standard GOP Dirty Trick and exposing it to light and sending a warning that they will not get away with it this time).

These guys are good. And it doesn’t hurt that the McCain Campaign is pretty awful aside from its skill at trying the same old, same old. Every time they get caught, or the candidate blurts out another inane and incorrect comment, they are nonplussed and come back with exactly the wrong answer.

Still, there’s a long way to go to November 4.


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