If you were Sarah Palin…

…wouldn’t you be praying that you and Ol’ Johnny Mac lose this coming election?

Think about it.

The right wing will blame the old man, not you, their new wet dream.

You’ll be free to pick up the pieces and, with the proper handlers, set yourself up for 2012…or the Senate and then 2016 if an Obama Presidency looks too successful to be challenged.

If somehow McCain/Palin wins now, almost anybody with a brain has to figure the next four years will be a trainwreck. And you’ll be part of it, even if he banishes you to some Undisclosed Location after Inauguration Day (which is not out of the question, despite what many believe; President McCain would not willingly become a P.O.W. in his own administration as the backroom guys are hoping and scheming).

Lose and the rage of the right, the bitter racist underground designed undermine and distract which will begin fomented hatred even before Obama picks his first cabinet officer, the Limbaugh/Hannity Scream Machine , it will all be there for you to build on.

If you were Sarah Palin

…would you be willing to give up a likely sustainable role as America’s Hockey Mom and Jes’ Plain Folks Gal on the chance that somehow John McCain would be a successful president?

Or would you take a longer view?

Of course, you do know that there are a couple million “Christians” out there praying for your ascension to the Oval Office some time not too long after January 20, 2009 in the [un]likelyhood of a victory in November.

Maybe that’s a prayer you can believe in, maybe not.

Personally, I believe that your best chance to eventually become “America’s Margaret Thatcher,” which is a dream scenario for neocons everywhere, is to lose this time around.

What would you do, if you were Sarah Palin?


4 Replies to “If you were Sarah Palin…”

  1. I actually think that Ms Palin would be praying for victory, based on the fact that she is incredibly lucky to be where she is at and also betting that McCain will NOT survive his first term. I truly believe, based on what I have read about her as well as quoted remarks of her own, that she wants to be president whether or not she is qualified whatsoever. I also think it would not be out of the question for someone to submit sometime after the election, if McCain wins, that he is getting senile and to attempt to have him removed from his post constitutionally, thus allowing Ms Palin to succeed him.

  2. I doubt she considers herself lucky, maybe god’s will maybe fate, but lucky implies it’s not what she’s due and, one of us or not, she clearly feels very entitled.

  3. Have either of you ever been to a prayer meeting where they “speak in tongues?” I was invited when I was in college and went out of curiosity. It’s a prime example of mass self-hypnosis. One person sits babbling away while another across the room “interprets”– only what’s being babbled doesn’t match what’s being interpreted at all. Babbled words repeat but the interpretation goes on and on, for example. I left with the weirdest feeling as they all were extremely serious about the episode. This was REAL for them and it seemed obvious to me it was delusional.

    This is what the church that Sarah Palin went to in the formative years of her life believes. THAT should scare folks a lot more than some angry black preacher saying “G*d damn America.”

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