The grand finale.

All in all, it was much better than I expected.

I think Cindy McCain acquitted herself well and has a pretty solid story to tell (I’d like her as a veep candidate a lot more than I like Sarah Palin) and Johnny Mac gave probably the best speech of his life.

I was frankly riveted by his description of his time as a P.O.W. and don’t believe it was inappropriate at all (I don’t want to hear about it again though; point made). And the Stand! Stand! Stand! moment at the end was electric.

I loved “I want to thank the President of the United States (whoever he is)…”

The policy initiatives, the sneaky attacks on the patriotism of his opponent, all that stuff–been there, done that, ain’t gonna work.

As in Palin case, the personal part of the story was good, the rest not so much.

And we are left with the GOP candidate promising to clean up the mess of a GOP Administration which has held the White House for the last eight years and Congress for the six of the last eight, with enough seats to stall it in its tracks the other two.

A GOP candidate who dare not speak the name of the failed president he hopes to succeed.

A GOP candidate whose off-the-board, last-minute running mate has lied clearly and provably in her only two appearance on the national stage and who, from stories emerging tonight, will not be sitting down the press or subjecting herself to a formal press conference anytime soon.

And yet she was the heroine of the convention and received the wildest ovation tonight.

“We must catch up to history.” John McCain said that tonight, his best line of the evening in my opinion.

In the end, he doesn’t seem like the man to achieve that admirable end.


One Reply to “The grand finale.”

  1. As I mentioned elsewhere, did the end of McCain’s speech remind you at all of Howard Beale’s rant in Network? It sounded to me like he was urging the crowd to go to the windows and shout, “I’m mad as hell…..”

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