The story nobody’s telling: McCain thinks “values voters” are stupid.

If, as is now being reported everywhere,  John McClain, the old Straight Talker, selected Sarah Palin as his running mate in a last minute, unvetted panic,  after his handlers forcefully told him he could not choose his bestest pal, Joey Lieberman, because  Joey is not a Pro-Life nutcase, and ditto about second option Tom Ridge, what exactly what does that say about the candidate’s opinion of so-called “values voters” and the Religious Right?

It seems he believes they are too stupid to notice that his selection of their calendar girl was one of pure expediency and that he really doesn’t care a whit about their opinions or beliefs. It shows too that he is a total phony, and that can’t wear well on that crowd either.

Except that he apparently isn’t wrong in his cynicism since the Right is downright rapturous (though no one has ascended into heaven yet as far as I know) about the choice.

Maybe they figure he won’t live out his term?

Maybe they are praying that’s the case, figuring that god owes them one, having ignored their pleas for a deluge on Obama’s acceptance speech? Maybe…

Maybe they are as stupid as he thinks.

The real tragedy of all this, of course, is that Joe Lieberman doesn’t to make history by being the losing Veep candidate for two different parties.

That would be so totally awesome.

There’s still time yet.

When Sarah ultimately withdraws because she really has to take care of her family and didn’t realize how much time all this would take (when, you know, she finally found out what it is that a vice-president does), there’ll be no stopping Johnny Mac from picking whoever he wants.

Question is, will Joey be willing to go down with the ship in a selfless sacrifice?

Not based on his record, I’m afraid.


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