Nobody could make this stuff up.

I thought this Palin thing had the makings of light romantic comedy flick down the road, but now it’s beginning to be more of a soap opera.

Can all this get much weirder?


2 Replies to “Nobody could make this stuff up.”

  1. Can it get much weirder?

    I am willing to be money it DOES get not just weirder, but by election day, uglier than any campaign before.

    A lot of the ugliness will be from thousands of blogs, PAC’s, 527 groups and more that will be more or less uncontrollable by the two major candidates, but blamed by the opposing sides in any event.

    The Obama people will blame McPain for ugly stuff about Barack, and McPain will blame Obama for ugly stuff about him and neither will be right as it will be all these wingnuts, loose cannons and what have you all going off on their own tangents.

  2. Reading the New York Times this morning online I ran across an interesting take on all this:

    Social conservatives can and should be torn over Palin’s nomination given the amount she’s taken on here. Personally, I’m more concerned with her political social views than whether she can handle all the responsibilities– but the fact her daughter is pregnant despite her “abstinance only” stance on sex education highlights that maybe she HAS taken on more than she can handle.

    This is going to be interesting, and I’m curious to see how Joe Biden handles the debates (IF there are any VP debates…).

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