And when they came for me, there was nobody left to protest.

Go read this.

And then this.

It’s happening here.

It’s happening now.

Anyone who doesn’t believe this nation is onlythisfar from Facism if it keeps on its current path is either dumb or blind. Or both.


16 Replies to “And when they came for me, there was nobody left to protest.”

  1. And how it this not similar to the DNC act in Denver where they removed all the street people and caged protesters conveniently out of view of both the convention and the media? It is a good thing to muzzle conservative protesters but a sin against humanity to muzzle liberals?

  2. Both approaches are wrong bit here is clearly a obvious difference in what was done in each instance and it’s silly of you to play dumb. You are playing, right?

  3. Really? The commentators are the only difference? Not the tear gas? Not the police in full riot gear? Not the invasion of homes? Not the arrest of journalists? Well I’ll be damned.

  4. First, I doubt the factual nature of the reports. I have not seen any confirmation on any other source of the stories we’re discussing. Having participated in demonstrations and protest movements, I am well aware of the lengths some will go to garner sympathy and media coverage. Since the incident did not attract much coverage except for the ultra liberal network who regularly sponsors this group’s propaganda, there is some question as to the validity of the claims made in the story. It is an odd quirk of fate that the only protesters ever assaulted by police are ultra liberal fringe groups trying to disrupt public events. (I don’t count bomb throwing radical anti-abortionists as protesters, they are criminals.) Free speach is both freedom and responsibliity. On the one hand freedom to make a statement, on the other the responsibility to do so without infringing upon any one else’s freedom of speech. I believe that the police were acting to protect the rights of conventioneers to have their say in a peaceful manner without rude interruptions.

  5. So the press arrests were made up? And NBC, CBS et al are part of that “ultra liberal network?” Okay, don’t answer that last; I know that sort of crap is part of right wing mythology.

    And somehow all the reports of similar, if not quite as horrendous, behavior by security folks in Denver were the same liberal network…um…?

    Get back to me on that, will you?

  6. Just as the sanctity of protesters is a liberal myth. Firstly the reporting of protests in Denver did not disclose alleged police overreaction. Nor did it indicate that the protesters, mostly conservative right wing, indulged in looting, vandalism or vicious confrontations with delegates walking from their hotel to the venue. The picture in St. Paul was considerably different. There was rampant vandalism, assaults on police officers and intimidation of both delegates and reporters by the protesters. The only untoward incident in Denver involved a reporter harassed by security personnel and party members while filming a sidewalk meeting of delegates and financial supporters. The reporter was rudely treated by the dems and retreated rather than ignite a confrontation.

    Why is it that leftist or liberal protesters assume they have a divine right to interfere with and ultimately disrupt wit the intention of shutting down any event that does not promote their agenda? The paucity of reports from Denver reflected a paucity of violence by protesters.

    A reporter from Fox News asked several protesters why they were in St. Paul. Aside from knowing they were protesters most could not identify any of the principal characters in the convention. They did not recognize the names of photographs of the people they were protesting. Absurd.

  7. That reporter was arrested, my friend, along with two of her producers. Her name is Amy Goodman, Use teh Google to check it out.

    “A reporter from Fox News” is a) an oxymoron and b) a default surrendering of the argument to the other side. Sorry.

    Oddly, enough, by the by, most of the protesters and all those hauled out of the building were Ron Paul sorts, you know, even more right wing nutcases that those who were allowed to remain.

  8. Amy Goodman is a professional polemicist and propagandist not a reporter. Her objectivity is non existent. A reporter provides facts, not in an effort to influence events but to provide the facts ordinary people need to ascertain the truth of an issue. Perhaps you should watch Fox before applying pejorative labels. I have watched Amy Goodman on both PBS and that other liberal network. (I can’t remember the name right now, it’s a senior thing.)

  9. >… objectivity is non existent. A reporter provides facts, not in an effort to influence events but to provide the facts ordinary people need to ascertain the truth of an issue. Perhaps you should watch Fox…<

    Seriously, you should give all this up and become a comedy writer. I almost fell off my chair at the punchline.

    I feel the pain of a senior moment, though. Been there, done that.

  10. pjryan49, you might want to read this news report about the arrests in Minneapolis/St. Paul from the Associated Press, the news organization which has been, if anything, overly supportive of the McCain Campaign and surely cannot be called part of the great liberal cabal which controls our lives and leaves lonely soldier such as yourself to fight the battle for truth, justice and the American way.

    The money quote: “At least 19 journalists, including two reporters from The Associated Press, were among those held by police.”

    This strikes me as something useful that, in your felicitous phrase, “ordinary people need to ascertain the truth of an issue.”

    Please don’t reply to explain how it’s all a big lie because Fox News didn’t report it. Please?

  11. The arrests reported by AP did not include the house invasion described in the original post we were discussing. That incident is questionable, Amy Goodman is not mentioned in the AP report. For the record, I could not find a single report about Amy Goodman’s claimed arrest in the main stream media. That reputed arrest remains an open issue. Fox did cover the protests in both Denver and St. Paul. The striking comparison between the peaceful and relatively uneventful protests in Denver and the near riots in St. Paul illustrates a broader point: the left is prepared to condone any behavior , no matter how vicious and unprincipled, in furtherance of their socialist agenda.

  12. >Amy Goodman is not mentioned in the AP report. For the record, I could not find a single report about Amy Goodman’s claimed arrest in the main stream media.<

    You didn’t try very hard, now did you. Again, from the Associated Press…

    As for the house invasion, here’s the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

  13. I see, you were correct, Amy Goodman was arrested but not in the “house invasion”. You neglect to mention that the protesters vandalized store fronts and sidewalks and attacked a delegation attempting to get to the convention thereby provoking their own arrests.
    Are we to infer from your defense of these people that you accept violence and vandalism as legitimate political expression? Your right of free expression and assembly includes protest but no concept of human or civil rights condone vandalism or assault.

  14. I’m not defending anyone; I’m just trying to get you to recognize that some of the blather you are fed is incomplete if not downright lies. So long as you only seek out information from people you know will tell you want you want to hear, you aren’t really finding out anything.

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