What to expect as the haters emerge. [UPDATED]

The comment came in within an hour of my posting my first reaction to the Sarah Palin choice yesterday. I didn’t approve it or delete it. I saved it for 24 hours to consider whether or not I was misreading it.

See what you think:

As a member of the NRA, I wonder if she favors Glock or Sig Sauer?  Go, Sarah, Go!  Bye Bye Barak.  BTW, nice tits on the Mermaid.

“Bye Bye Barack?” Tied to the gun references, that certainly sounds like hate mail to me, a clearly implied threat of assassination.

The haters out there have been relatively subdued so far, even–to the degree they can manage–subtle. If, as I’m am coming to believe will be the case, Obama shows a clear lead over McCain a week or two down the road and his election appears to be, if not a sure thing, certainly the most likely thing, I’d guess that the dam will burst.

Get prepared for a wave of rage like you’ve never seen.

And, yes, I’ve traced the origin of that email back as far as I can and have all the information saved.

[UPDATE] Based on responses both in comments here and in private emails which suggest I am misreading the author’s intent, this message has now been approved and appears under the original post.


15 Replies to “What to expect as the haters emerge. [UPDATED]”

  1. I don’t see that so much as a hint towards an assassination wish as I do someone who thinks this is gonna put the lock on the election for McCain. The fact they misspelled Barack’s name also tells me is is one of the millions of trolls out there that do nothing but spread this kind of crap. The good thing is that a lot of people like that end up being too lazy to go and actually vote.

  2. Lets see Osama Obama wont where a flag pin, cover his heart for the national anthem,And is a domestic enemy to the second amendment of my bill of rights. I would like to see him tried for treason. But do I hate him……well yes. But I’m sure you liberals will make a lew against speaking my mind. Remember The second amendment keeps the others in place…

  3. Yep, without that Second Amendment all the rest of ’em would run wild. I appreciate your input but wish you would include some facts next time rather than silly crap you’ve been fed by whomever. That way, we could have a discussion.

  4. “I don’t see that so much as a hint towards an assassination wish as I do someone who thinks this is gonna put the lock on the election for McCain” – I agree with Carl. That’s how it reads to me.

  5. I bow to the collected wisdom and have approved the comment for posting under the original post. Both weapons mentioned are handguns and still bothers me.

  6. To DJ: Um, Obama DOES “where” (actually, the long word you want is “wear”) a flag pin often. Not that it means a damn thing whatsoever. Also, if anyone passes a “lew” against you speaking your mind, it will be interesting. I am sure Bryson would have something to say about it.

  7. Well, Good Grief! “Hate” mail? Me? Oh my goodness! So now, the party of free speech and First Amendment Rights has the power to read people’s minds, intent(s) and gauge whether or not they are a threat to presidential candidates? Whew! Lucky me. Or else, the next knock on my door would have been the Secret Service wanting to know how I have the audacity to opine that Barak is on his way out and the addition of Sarah to the ticket solidifies John’s election. If you want to see hate mail, Ping “Kay in Maine at White Noise Insanity.” She makes Rosie Odonnel and Bill Mahar look like Mother Teresa’s roommates. I don’t “hate” anybody. Except for pedophiles, MS13, the Klan, The Daily Kos and the ACLU. (I sort of like lesbians. Not ugly lesbians, but stone cold “babe” lesbians.)

  8. Methinks you’re a bit overwrought.

    There’s no “party” in charge here, just me, a free enterprise owner of a website and I’m sure you would defend to the death my rights to decide how to run my own business, right?

    Your spelling could use some work but otherwise, welcome to the party…although I dunno why you felt it necessary to share your feelings about lesbians. Then again, “kayinmaine” seems overwrought and obsessed with silly sexual comment as well. Maybe you guys are, how did the P.O.W. in Chief put it today referring to his running mate…soulmates?

  9. Would I defend you? Yes. I would defend any and all innocent people from anarchy, evil, those who wish to do away with the Constitution, enemies to the United States, rapists, murderers, bullies, etc. J, you’re bothered by my alluding to “handguns?” I have several. I hope you do too. I think in the day and age we live in, the cops (one of which I am) cannot be everyplace at once and there are those who would seriously wish to do you harm. Being a member of the NRA is a good thing. It’s not synonymous with being in a militia. I live in East Tennessee. Let me really blow your mind by telling you that I wear shoes, drive a car, have electricity, (a computer, ha ha) and vote. I’m not a troll and spell very well most of the time. No, I’m not overwrought. Wish you well. Cheers, Davis

  10. P.s. I like Kay in Maine. She tickles me. Talk about being overwrought, though, woooooo-weeeee. Don’t think I’d like to meet her though. She and I have verbally sparred in the past and I think she’d probably like to beat me with a stick. Or, an iron pipe. (Maybe you ought to rat her out to the Secret Service. Now, she’s dangerous!!!!) I think she must have got stuck in PMS years ago.

  11. I’ve only glanced at kayinmaine’s posts briefly as you suggested I do in your previous post but my initial impression wasn’t favorable. There are enough weakness in the Palin candidacy without making stuff up. Don’t own a gun, still have a problem with handguns and don’t understand why the sensible members of the NRA, who I expect are a majority, don’t toss the rascals out and work with politicians favorable to their cause to prepare legitimate and reasonable legislation dealing with gun issues.

    Aside from a rather obvious display of sexism in your posts, from “tits” to “ugly lesbians” to “PMS,” you can probably bring some new perspectives around here if you stick around.

    Congratulations on the shoes.

  12. HMMM- “DAVISof the apes?” I hope that’s a different branch of the family tree he’s fallen off of as what he’s spouting certainly doesn’t match anything my limb would be saying. Well, I’m of the opinion that “The answer to hate speech is MORE speech” is the way to go…

    Anyone else here remember Michael Harris at CIS? Amazing how they all sound the same…

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