McCain’s Trophy Candidate, if only she were blonde…

I’d need decent odds, but I’m not entirely adverse to betting anyone willing that Palin will not be on the GOP ticket come election day. The ridiculousness of the pick is becoming more obvious by the hour.

Meanwhile, the most fun while waiting for the GOP convention is watching the wingnuts tie themselves in knots trying to argue that a half-term governor, former small town mayor, dedicated rightwing campaigner for racist bloviator Pat Buchanan, is Just What The Nation Needs.

My favorite effort along these lines so far was passed on to me privately. It is from a academic, supposedly an old hippie who has seen the light right, commenting on an CNBC interview with Palin he had just watched (bold emphasis added):

Palin question after question consistently hits the ball out of the park while being entirely present, friendly, good humored, very competent, very articulate, with the comforting sincerity of having a good mom explain things in simple terms.

She is much better spontaneously fielding detailed questions than either McCain, Obama or Biden.

I have the feeling that I am watching someone sure to be the first female president of the US.

She seems like she will easily grow into a Margaret Thatcher.

Seriously. Mom and Margaret Thatcher? That’s sad.

While that’s my favorite, the Very Best Thing Said was from McCain advisor Charlie Black, but I’m saving that for tomorrow’s Dubya Chronicles.


2 Replies to “McCain’s Trophy Candidate, if only she were blonde…”

  1. To be fair, we already have another cartoon done and ready to go and I’ve just proposed to Rob that he give up his Saturday night to do this one, so it might not happen if he’s seriously committed to family or social matters.

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