Just imagine if he’d worked at the job fulltime.

I’m not much of a fan for Maureen Dowd, having little appetite for the vacuous and inane, but the following from her column this morning is pretty dead on:

[Bush will] go out as he came in — ignoring reality; failing to foresee, prevent or even prepare for disasters; misinterpreting intelligence reports; misreading people; and handling crises in ways that makes them exponentially worse.

He has spent 469 days of his presidency kicking back at his ranch, and 450 days cavorting at Camp David. And there’s still time to mountain-bike through another historic disaster.

Assuming her figures are accurate (not always the safest way to go), that’s about two and a half years and counting of his eight-year term on vacation or something resembling it.

Considering the havoc the man has unleashed on the nation and the world, I guess we should be grateful that he’s a lazy lout. In the long run, that may be his most welcome characteristic.

Meanwhile, that nice Rob Davis and I have a new cartoon up this morning which considers how faithfully the Bush White House has lived up to a fundamental GOP mantra.

The answer? Not so much.


One Reply to “Just imagine if he’d worked at the job fulltime.”

  1. I’d be willing to bet that Ms Dowd’s figures are, if anything, conservative. GWB has been a failure at every single enterprise he has ever been involved in and his preznitcy is certainly right up there at the top of the list of failures of his. The one thing he has managed to be a success at during The Ordeal (as I am starting to think of this whole 8 year administration) has been his ability to not just create new words but to end up with them almost being accepted as regular usage. Heck, I thought Ms Dowd had erred when she referred to his “misinterpreting intelligence reports”. I had come around to the idea that the correct word was “misinterpretating”. I must have been misinformerated.

    Also, great cartoon! Again! Kudos to Mr. Davis, as well as you, yerownself.

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