“That’s the thing about covering John McCain. Someone always wants you to give him the benefit of the doubt. And there’s usually a pretty good case for why he deserves it, though that doesn’t mean he should be let off the hook completely.”

Here’s another revealing (and very long but worth the time) portrait of the real John McCain, written by Amy Silverman of the Phoenix New Times.

In case you’re wondering why I am all over these things of late it’s because, so far at least, it appears that the national press is going to continue the Honorable, Straight Talker, Maverick meme no matter what the man says or does, and I want, in my own meager way, to try and counteract that.

And you think the love affair between the Washington press corps is just some figment of the liberal imagination, check out the reference in the story to why Sam Donaldson decided not to use an interview with Silverman in his TV profile of the Ol’ Maverick. It’s on page two, near the bottom.

And speaking of selective press coverage, Isn’t it fascinating that not a single mainstream story on the John Edwards mess has even referenced the fact that McCain himself was in an adulterous affair with his current wife while still married to his first one, even as part of the conjecturing what Edwards’ stupidity would have meant to the Democrats had he somehow been the putative nominee with this came out? I mean, McCain is the expected nominee of the other party. doesn’t that linkage just scream out to be made? instead, we hear that somehow the Edwards story is somehow yet another hurdle for Barack Obama to climb.

Although it should be obvious, I note that the quote used as header is from Silverman’s story.


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