The News of the Day.

If we were back in the Clinton years (you remember, peace, prosperity, pride our our country, all so 20th Century and best forgotten, giggle, giggle), Rush, Sean, the Coutlergeist and other screamers would already have turned today’s news about the Great Anthrax Attack being the world of a U.S. Gummint scientist into a great, roaring accusation that it was actually the work of Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster while involved in their wild love affair (never mind that the next item would be about how she was a lesbian) and the “suicide” of said scientist was nothing but a cover-up.

Or, in a better time that that, we would have already learned from the TV networks, notably ABC News in this instance, who exactly were the Bush Administration sources who leaked to them “irrefutable evidence” that the anthrax actually could be traced back directly to Iraq, no question about it, and let’s invade immediately, but instead we get…silence. I mean, a major news story? We can’t see our way clear to caring about breaking that.

Neither is the case.

Not that anybody’s paying much attention these days.

The story of the day is that elitist…wait…Muslim secret agent…wait…black man lusting after Paris Hilton…wait…incompetent fraud…whatever…Barack Obama is–wait for it–too skinny–to be elected president by overweight American electorate.

Wait, what?

Oh, never mind, and please ignore the fact that the “reporter” pretty much got her story, and (without attribution) copied from, a McCain Campaign news release. That is none of your business.

This is the talk of the day, August 1, 2008, in the United States of America.

I could not make this shit up.


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