It’s Hard To Be A Christian Soldier When You Tote A Gun…

…And it hurts to have to watch a grown man cry
But we’re playin’ cards writin’ home havin’ lots of fun
Telling jokes and learning how to die.

More Kris Kristofferson lyrics (which I tend quote a lot ’cause I know so many). These are from Good Christian Soldier, written in the Vietnam era but still, sadly, relevant.

They came to mind as I read this frightening story, which was first hinted at in a report last April on the domination of our current military by “Christians.” Seems if you aren’t down with prayin’ (their way, of course), you’re not worthy to serve.

Even though the Right Wing Nutcases seem to get crazier every day, and what we used to call Conservatism is now pretty much off the edge of the earth in terms of reason and judgement, I still believe that the greatest threat to the nation today is Nutso Religious Fanaticism and I see no evidence whatsover that it is waning.

Read that story I linked, please. If it doesn’t scare the pants off you, you probably aren’t wearing any pants.

In which case, by the way, we ought to talk.


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