Overkill (You Should Pardon the Unintended Pun).

This guy is pretty much right on target re: the self-serving, it’s-all-about-us coverage of  Tim Russert’s death.

From everything we’ve heard, he apparently was a good guy personally and he was certainly an important media figure (albeit the hagiographic estimations of his journalistic skills and accomplishments was way over the top).

Tim Russert is gone. It was sudden and sad and I certainly can understand the grief of his family and friends and am sure they are mourning still. But, seriously…

Nearly 7,000 people die each day in this country alone, who knows how many more around the world. Devoting entire national newscasts and pretty much an entire cable channel to wall-to-wall coverage of one man’s death–not a President or a Pope or some other major figure whose demise might change the course of the word, just a well-known journalist–does that make any sense at all?

Whatever became of professionalism and commitment to reporting the news no matter what?

Are not these the same people who rush out to the scenes of tragedies and badger those involved for comments?

I didn’t think the TV press folks could do much more to debase themselves in the eyes of the audience, but damned if they didn’t prove me wrong.  I misunderestimated them…again.


One Reply to “Overkill (You Should Pardon the Unintended Pun).”

  1. I understood it on Friday afternoon and, to some extent, Saturday morning…but it’s gone on ‘way too long. At this point, they’ll be quoting the ghost of Russert on election night.

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