Johnny Straighttalk & Georgie Flightsuit, Sittin’ in a Tree…

When Sen. McCain gave the Worst. Political. Speech. Ever. in (or near, for the wingnuts who make that distinction without a difference in their desperate desperation) New Orleans this past week, one could not help but recall the famous (“Karl says this will make me look presidentialary”) photograph of the Preznint finally getting around to flying over the post-Katrina desolation, safely ensconced in Air Force One and only slightly pissed that he’d had to interrupt one of his annual month-long summer vacations…

And that, of course, inspired more memories of the Photo That Dare Not Speak Its Name, the one that the good Senator would like to see banished from public sight forever and ever….

Indeed, the GOP Presidential Candidate Human Sacrifice even (after all this time, imagine) tried to separate himself from the Preznint a bit by by criticizing the Administration’s failure (or as we call it, Cheney Compassion) to react immediately and effectively to the flooding of one of the nation’s greatest cities.

Which makes us wonder what exactly Sen. McCain did during this terrible time in our history?

Why, the very next day after Katrina hit, he celebrated his birthday in Arizona, of course, with a Very Special Guest on hand to hand him his birthday cake…

Oh, they had such jolly fun, they did…

Until the Preznint accidentally bit his thumb and gave himself a boo-boo.

Note to the McCain Campaign: you can run, but you can’t hide.


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