Sunday Reading.

These comments by Josh Marshall are certainly encouraging for those of us who have suffered through the Reagan Revolution, Newt’s Contract on America and the Great Bush/Cheney Horror Show. Here is a direct link to George Packard’s New Yorker story Josh is referencing. It’s worth a read.

I’ve realized of late that I am (finally) emerging from a Great Funk that has lasted for nearly a decade now. The heart of that is, obviously, personal, but I am convinced that the dark cloud which settled in over our nation after the Stolen Election of 2000 has contributed to my overall discomfort.

I, like you, have seen the Supreme Court make a clearly political decision to award the election to the GOP Boy King and his Evil Mastermind/Vice-President, the horror of 9/11 and the subsequent and ongoing massive attack on the very foundation of what this nation is all about by our own government.

I have experienced the dawning–and heart-breaking–realization that some significant minority segment of the populace is so ideologically rigid that they will blandly accept outright criminality in the White House, another goodly segment has allowed itself to become so frightened that they shrug off the ongoing demise of their inalienable rights, and still more are so damned stupid they don’t even see what’s happening.

An obscenely deficient press corps and right wing dominated mass media, aided and abetted at least indirectly by a cowardly and inept Democratic leadership, has allowed all this to continue, bringing us in the bargain an illegal war, fought on false pretenses which is sacrificing thousands of our young men and women in the military. If you’re not weeping this Memorial Day, shame on you.

It would be nice to awaken the day after the 2008 Election and feel some hope and optimism again, to dream again, to feel like an American again.

I have no illusions that the next President will be some sort of magical savior. Far from it. But do know that the man he will be succeeding has been, and is, beyond all measure, the Worst. President. Ever.


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