Welcome Liquid Diet Readers, But….Oh. Never Mind. [updated]

It’s been less than a Fun Day, but the beer blog is back beer blogging and I’m going to go do me some beer consuming to celebrate. More details over the weekend, plus lots of other stuff, promise.

As my Liquid Diet blog was tottering on the edge of (for now) descending into the darkness where no mere man may walk, I directed its faithful readers to come on over here where I would continue beer blogging on at least a minimal basis.

But I’ve had a better offer, one which will not blur the distinctions between these two sites and confuse historians decades from now as they try to piece together the quagmire which has been my life. (What, you think I’ll be forgotten?)

Matt Guyer, the proprietor of The Beer Yard, a suburban Philadelphia retail store, for whom I am the website content provider, has offered me the right to post a daily mini-version of Liquid Diet over there for the duration (okay, it was my idea, but he immediately agreed with only one condtion: “no George Bush jokes”).

The first installment of Liquid Diet – The (Substitute) Blog is now up. Go thee hence and enjoy. Or at least read.

As for you regular Mermaids folks….move along. Nothing to see here.


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