I’m Just Trying to Picture the Clientele for This Place.

My daughter-in-law pointed it out to me as we sped past Monday afternoon, on the way to the airport motel where I’d spend the night before catching a very early flight home from Idaho.

Alongside Highway 55, about 20 minutes north of Boise between the towns of Horseshoe Pond and Smith’s Ferry, is one of the long, low-roofed roadside markets/stores you see now and again, places which if they have a name, it is overwhelmed by the various signage telling the traveler what desperately needed goodies might be found inside. Almost always, they feature things of a local nature, an attraction for tourists.

We were almost by, going around a curve in the road, but I was able to see the signs hanging from the slanting down roof which covered a porch in front of the main structure:

Amish Blankets.



Next time back, I most definitely needs must stop in.



One Reply to “I’m Just Trying to Picture the Clientele for This Place.”

  1. Driving down I-95, sometime just after the SC border, I believe, you will find a building that sells, according to the sign, PEACHES AND FIREWORKS. It is my favorite store that I’ve never been in.

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