Keeping My Word and Leaving Town.

As promised/threatened last weekend, I will be deserting Mermaid World Headquarters very early tomorrow morning to fly to Idaho. Well, fly someplace else (in this case, Denver, where I’ll have a three hour layover unfortunately, but the price was right) and then to Idaho because, fact is, you can’t get there from here no how with some sort of stop. Heck, during part of my trip planning, I found one itinerary which took me from Boise to San Francisco on the way back home, and that just ain’t right.

As also promised/threatened, I’ll see what I can do about posting some thoughts and a photo or two while I’m out playin’ in the mountains, that is, unless my selfish side kicks in and I just do the “fun” thing for three and a half days (I come back Tuesday and have a flight out of Boise even earlier than my 8am on out of Philly tomorrow, so I’ll get trucked back the two hours from where I’m going to the big city and stay in a motel at the airport Monday night.

For those coming in late, I’m heading west to see my new granddaughter for the first time. That meant I had to go out this morning and look for an appropriate present for a three-month old. I finally bought this really weird, soft and cuddly ball sort of thing with all sorts of Winnie-the-Pooh characters on stretchable connections to slits in its side. It seems totally useless and for a child somewhat older might even seem somewhat scary, what with the figures being “eaten” when let go, but then I realized that a three-month old ain’t hardly gonna think about that. I mean, to the extent that she thinks about stuff at all, she probably decides none of what’s going on with the big creatures around her makes a lick of sense, much the way you and I do when considering the Bush White House.

I’m all packed up already and will be checking a bag for the first time in years and years, mostly because I’m carrying beer out for my son’s birthday, which is tomorrow. I already FedEx-ed a box of large bottles westward last weekend but with the cost for that exceeding the cost of the beer (over $60 for three-day service!), I figured I carry the second batch myself. What I got, really, is a suitcase full of beer and minimal changes of clothing, plus a carry-on computer portfolio with some books and essential toiletries. Coming back, neatly, I’ll have plenty of room to shove it all into the nearly empty suitcase.

So off I go, leaving you with this photo…

That is breakfast, Sunday morning past. I put the plate down on the counter and felt the urge to photograph it, so I did, dunno why. Having done so, I figured I might as well make use of it since it turned out well.

Sundays are the day I treat myself to a big breakfast–usually only one link of sausage, though, but since I was leaving town, things need must be consumed. That’s a mushroom, basil and three-cheese omelet there, topped by Thai hot sauce (not ketchup!) and accompanied by fried potatoes and a toasted English muffin, sans butter, all to be washed down with a cappuccino (I have three or four of those every day). All in all, given that it’s the big meal of the day, not too overwhelming in calories or cholesterol. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Play nice while I’m gone and be sure to clean the place up before I get back so I won’t know about the party and the wild stuff. I had teenagers, I did, so been there, done that.


2 Replies to “Keeping My Word and Leaving Town.”

  1. Happy Travels, Jack, I hope spring has arrive in the high mountains of Idaho. Meeting your new granddaughter will be a special moment. Have a safe return home.

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