A Cautionary Tale.

Benjamin Wallace used to work at Philadelphia Magazine and more interesting places such as the Czech Republic. He eventually went off to Brooklyn to write a book. and The Billionaire’s Vinegar is about to be released next month and it looks pretty interesting. It’s the story of the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold and, from the title, you have to figure that it ends rather badly.

I’d guess some of my pals over at the Liquid Diet blog might also want to check it out so that they don’t go wasting away their fortunes on aged bottles of soured beer once they’re old and rich.

Then again, many of them are spending big bucks on sour beers today because that’s all the rage. Maybe when you wait and buy vintage bottles of sour beers they turn sweet?

I’ll have to ask around. If nothing else, maybe I can start a rumor to that effect.


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