Petraeus Hearings.

Some thoughts:

It was difficult for me to watch the questioning and not slide back toward the belief that Hillary Clinton is clearly the best-prepared person among the trio from who the the next President will likely emerge. So I’m back on the fence.

I would really, really hope that someone will report what exactly was so important that Barack Obama had to rush in and rush out of the hearings, sort of like a Hollywood star doing a bit part but not really committing. His questions were good, his lack of interest in not being there all along or hanging around and following up was telling.

Comes to that, how long were John McCain, Clinton and Obama in the room except for their TV face time?

Seriously, is it unfair or merely reasonable to think that Joe Lieberman, Lindsay Graham and James Imhoff are so obviously assholes that it’s okay to say so, even in polite company such as this?

Gotta run. Some Republican guy is on the Hardball with Chris Matthews thing getting all stern and firm about Johnny Mac’s “Straight Talk” and I have to a) switch it off and b) go throw up.


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