“…and Bushian Foolishness Having Demoralized the Nation…”

From, of all people, Joe Klein:

[I]n these last, raggedy days of the rightward pendulum swing, with Republicans clogging the jails and Bushian foolishness having demoralized the nation, it is risible for conservatives to even pretend to care about “national improvement.” In our lives, we have seen conservatives use racism as a political tool, war as a witless quest for domination, patriotism as a scourge, government as an instrument of greed, religion and “morality” as camouflage for spreading fear, ignorance and bigotry.

The guy has been under unremitting, and justified, attack by the non-nutcase blogsphere for months and months, but these few words can wipe away a lot of sins. I’ve rarely seen a better summary of the despicable, mindless milieu which the radical right has created for itself, from its most evil and mendacious enablers to its very epicenter.


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