Obama. I Think. For Now Anyway.

If dragged from the house this very moment and forced to go and cast my vote in the Pennsylvania Democratic Primary, I would cast that vote for…

Barack Obama.

Believe me, that’s not an easy thing to write. In fact, I am decidedly not caught up in Obamania and have serious doubts about what kind of president he would be.

I am certain, of course, that he would be an improvement over the Potted Plant of Evil currently in the White House and his Big Dick of a gardener. And equally certain that a McCain Presidency might well sink to, or below, the same almost incalculable level of incompetence and mendacity as the present one.

I am even convinced, or am close enough convinced for gummint work, that Hillary Clinton is the best prepared of the trio from among whom the person faced with cleaning up after the Bushies will be drawn.

But I’ve had enough.

Enough of Bill. Of Carville. Of that Penn guy. Of the legion of never-heard-of-before spokespeople who mis-speak ever-so-cleverly and wait a news cycle or two to recant.

Enough of the illusion that there is any way short of a total Obama collapse that she can win this thing and that terrible, wrenching feeling that her campaign is willing to try or do anything to bring about that collapse.

Just plain enough.

In short, this is an emotional decision, made in this moment. My rational side will undoubtedly rise again (it’s what distinguishes you and me from the right wing nutsos, after all) and I might swing the other way.

We shall see.


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