You Know What Democratic Ticket Could Win Overwhlemingly?

Gore – Obama.

Really. Think about it.

Even with the Washington Press Corps likely frothing due to their Man Love for McCain being all twisted up in their Inchoate Hatred for Gore and the Right Wing Scream Machine going Absolutely Bonkers, the combination of the man who actually won in 2000 and the man who represents hope and change, both of them right on Iraq from the beginning, would be perfect.

Never gonna happen, of course. It would take a tremendous sacrifice of personal ambition, at least for now, by Obama and the unlikely willingness of Gore to come back and face all the hatred and mindless attacks again. Plus Hillary Clinton would have to go along (likely with the promise of their support to make here the first woman to to become Senate Majority Leader).

‘Tis but a dream.


One Reply to “You Know What Democratic Ticket Could Win Overwhlemingly?”

  1. I totally agree, but I don’t see Gore coming back. I think he believes he can do more for his causes out of office. Since now he doesn’t have to play the political game.

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