Super Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday has become, for reasons I cannot quite fathom, a national holiday in this country. I suppose it’s because, of all the major sports which are so much a fabric our society, the NFL is the only one in which the ultimate champion is crowned in a one-day, win-or-lose finale.

Most Super Bowls have been pretty bad in terms of the outcome being contested and today’s is likely to be the same. No matter, this one really is a Big Deal because history will be made for sure. Either the first team ever to go undefeated for 19 games, an entire season and all the playoffs, will be crowned the best team of all time (with some dissenters) or there will be an upset of astonishing proportions, arguably the greatest sports upset ever.

For myself, the greatest upset over was Villanova 66 – Georgetown 64 in 1985, but I’m prejudiced and, besides, the way Nova is currently playing, that may be all I have to hold onto for this season). And I’ll even argue with the conventional wisdom and say that the third Super Bowl, the Joe Namath Jets’ fulfilling their white-shoed quarterback’s promise and upsetting the Baltimore Colts in 1969 was the greatest NFL upset ever. Among other things, that victory which shook the sports world was the ultimate impetus to a merger of the NFL with the nascent AFL.

Anyway, I’ll be watching, probably to the end, either because the game is close and exciting (unlikely as hell) or to see the ultimate team, ultimate QB and ultimate victory finalized.

I gotta tell you, though, I am getting really tired of Boston winning every damn thing in sports of late. Enough already.


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