Because Congress Has Nothing Better To Do.

I was torn between posting this over here that than in these friendly confines because I can’t decide whether it is a political commentary or not. I settled on doing it here because that felt righter and gooder.

See, it’s not about politics, it’s about ill-conceived notions, self-aggrandizement and the waste of other people’s money.

Okay, so it is about politics. Work with me here.

Darlin’ Arlen, my U.S. senator for what it sometimes seems has been my entire life, thought that this was important enough to make a fuss about this week. Why? Because anything that affects the NFL affects the course of the nation? Nah. Because his is an embittered Philadelphia Eagles fan? Well, maybe just a little.

Mostly, I suggest, it’s because Alren saw an opportunity for some face time. This is a man who would knock his grandmother to the ground to get to an open mike or running video camera.

We call that the “Single Focus” theory, as opposed to that other “Single” theory that, if he only stopped posturing and thought for a moment, he realize will make him as famous, or infamous, as he’s ever likely to get.


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