Now THAT Was a Useful, Informative Political Debate.

Serious (for the most part) questions.

Intelligent, informed answers.

Civility (with an edge now and then, admittedly).

The way they handled Wolf.

The funny, not vicious, not bitter, jabs at The Straight Talker and the Mittster. I particularly loved Hillary’s “we just had an MBA president, how’d that work out?” and Barack’s “I’d be delighted to compare my management style to Mitt’s, given the results so far” answers to a silly “America is a business” question from, where else, Politico.

And the more bitter, deservedly, but still humorous jabs at The Decider.

Most of all, the feeling that, oh my yes, either of these people would be a president we could admire and have confidence in.

Compare and contrast with last night “I love Ronald Reagan” silliness in which the Old Guy and the Waffling Guy argued over, wait for it, “timetables.”

And, yes, the pair of them would make a helluva ticket.

Either way.


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