A Good Closer?

I though Sullivan’s views were interesting and then I saw the option to “reblog: and I figured why not see if that works. Consider this a test.

The Dish

President Obama Holds News Conference At The White House

There has long been a pattern to Barack Obama’s political career on the national stage. There are moments of soaring moral clarity and inspiration; there are long periods of drift or laziness or passivity; and there are often very good fourth quarters. The 2008 campaign was an almost perfect coda: the sudden initial breakout, then a strange listlessness as he allowed the Clintons to come back in New Hampshire, turning the race into a long and grueling battle for delegates, then a final denouement when he made up with the Clintons and stormed into the White House. Or think of healthcare reform: a clear early gamble, followed by a truly languorous and protracted period of negotiation and posturing, and then a breakthrough. Or marriage equality: an excruciating period of ambivalence followed by a revolution. On climate: a failed cap and trade bill … followed by real tough fuel emissions standards…

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This? palin-jindal2

Or this?

palin-jindal32Which campaign slogan works better? Cast your vote now.

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Confusion (Sorta) Reigns.

I have managed to double post some things here that were supposed to be only at the new URL and visitor traffic here has been a relatively robust rate for a site that is supposed to be, for now, moribund. May bad.

Please use the link to bookmark the correct site and repost any comments if you want since all got deleted when I just turned back the clock here to what should have been the last post until I do something else with the space.

To avoid confusion, at least on my part, I am also removing the “Curtin’s Corner’ logo.


A New Year, An Old Song.

And here we go again, right back where we started from.

If you have bookmarked this site for I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing, please note that I have move that blog over to Blogger. This is the new URL.

This means that, along with Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet, I now have three functioning websites with which to annoy you. Just when you thought life couldn’t get any better…

Liquid Diet will continue to focus on craft beer and the Philadelphia beer scene and continue to be my primary site. Mermaids will now be primarily for political and social commentary, a place where I can rant to my heart’s content without worrying about offending the delicate sensibilities of those who suffer from that affliction.

And Curtin’s Corner will be the most personal of the three, where I write about what I’m doing, reading, watching and thinking about. It will also be where the life and times of High Maintenance Buddy will be recorded which that seems necessary. It is the site most in flux at this point, while I decide what needs to be added here and allow the previous persona to fade into the archives.

There will undoubtedly be crossover among the sites and I will try to alert regulars at one location about things that might interest them at one of the others. Your best bet, of course, is to visit all three regularly or subscribe to each via an RSS feed.

Or to ignore them all. That’s another approach.

Heads up.

The End, or something very similar to The End, is nigh.

While this site will remain live, posting here will be infrequent and essentially non-existent  from here on out.

Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this song before. This will be different how exactly?

Well, I’m committed enough to have just shut this place down except for one rather significant factor. Because  the way my WordPress Dashboard is set up, this—the on-their-site blog—is the controlling one.  I’m afraid that if I do  shut down, the other, on-my-site blog will be seriously, perhaps fatally, impacted. Unfortunately,  I have never had much luck in finding a WordPress guru to help me out with that and other annoying issues, so I err constantly on the side of not-screwing-things-up.

Why this? Why now?

Mermaids draws visitors in the hundreds on its best days andLiquid Diet draws significantly more, at least 15 times that on even the slowest days. I like the look and feel of these digs, but it do get lonely around here when the cold winds blow through the empty halls.

If I’m going to write for free, I might as well do it all where the audience is.

This means I will be posting a lot more diverse things over at the other site than I did before—this morning’s post over there, for example, is something I would  have put up here previously— so you might want to bookmark Liquid Diet to keep track of where my strange mind takes me next. Also,  there’s a much more active “Comments” community over there,  so more than voices than just mine are heard on stories which strike a chord with readers. Diversity is good.

A way to keep track of me without  having to plow through another site to find just the nuggets you like,  is to  subscribe to my Facebook page if you haven’t already.  My every post at Liquid Diet, or on Twitter for that matter, is linked and will appear there. By the way, if I do “come back” because I still  feel the need to find another outlet for my off-beer babbling, it will almost surely be at a new location and with a new attitude and focus, so keeping connected is a way to know if and when that happens.

One way or the other, I hope you’ll hang on for the next chapter. I’ll miss you if you go away.